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G.A.P.S (Gerrish Alternative Policing Strategies)

What are GAPS??

What do GAPS Officers do?

In an effort to continue to improve the delivery of Police services to our citizens and in the form of the true Community Policing philosophy, Gerrish Township was divided into three area. Each of the areas are of different size, but the population in each is very close.

The reason for this division was to give our Officers an area that each was responsible to. That is to say, they are the ones who will assist in solving non emergency problems in each assigned area. Two Officers have been assigned to each area. In other words, these Officers are the movers and shakers for each GAP.

The GAP Officers will assist our citizens in starting up a Neighborhood Watch Group. They are available to assist our citizens in a variety of quality of life issues such as;

  • Junk and Garbage Ordinance Violations
  • Junk Vehicle Complaints
  • Persistent Barking Dogs
  • Specific Neighbor or Neighborhood Problems
  • Suspicious persons or Situations

They will also assist in any other area where the citizen may be experiencing difficulty and would like some help in either problem solving or just to be pointed in the right direction. It is important to remember that the problem does not have to be of a criminal nature for one of our GAP Officers to lend a hand.

It is easy, just call us at 989-821-5207 or stop by during the day during Administrative hours from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. If you call and we do not answer, please leave a message and one of your GAP Officers will return the call.


GAP # 1:

Sgt. Greg Patchin & Officer Eric Muszynski

GAP #2:

Officer Norm LaBonte

GAP #3:

 Officer John Wybraniec & Officer Zachary Stachurski


Chief Brian Hill

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