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ACT NOW Scholarship


Every year ACT NOW along with the Gerrish Twp. Police Officers award two $1,000 scholarships to graduating Roscommon High School seniors.  They are based on GPA, community service and need.  For further information click on the Application Instructions below and click on the link below to obtain an application.

Due to the Governor’s “Stay Home Stay Safe” Executive order the DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION SUBMISSION has been extended to APRIL 30, 2020.  (If you do not have an official transcript, please submit without that document)

 Please mail all applications to ACT NOW Scholarship, 3075 E. Higgins Lake Drive, Roscommon, MI  48653.

Click here for a PDF copy of the ACT NOW Scholarship Application:  https://www.gerrishpolice.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Scholarship-Application.pdf

Click here for Application Instructions:  https://www.gerrishpolice.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/Scholarship-Cover-App-Instructions-2020.pdf




2008      Amy Burmester & Danielle Clear

2009      Marissa Luck & Jessica Zacny

2010      Casmera Gendernalik & Andrew Huffman

2011      Megin Dennis & Olivia Meadows

2012      Trace Hill & Dallas James

2013      Bradley Biggs & Erin O’Rourke

2014      Janelle Gavin & Lea Stites

2015      Katie Burmester & Jessica Morton

2016      Erica Luck & Paige Patterson

2017      Katelynn Brookes & Harleigh Hill

2018      Madison Baerlocher & Madison Barton

2019      Rachael Frazho & James Herrick

2020      Karlee Erickson & Bailey Warson