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Officer John Wybraniec

Officer John Wybraniec was born and raised in the metropolitan Detroit area and moved to Roscommon in 1998, after finishing a graduate degree in the social and behavioral sciences from Purdue University, Indiana. John had a love for law enforcement since a young age, particularly with the investigative techniques.  To pursue his desire for police work, he subsequently attended the Kirtland Community College Police Academy in 1999, where he graduated with distinction and was selected as the KCC Director’s Choice for a graduating cadet. John was hired out of the academy and eventually settled on the Roscommon County Sheriff Office in 2001. Due to his investigative skills, he quickly promoted to Detective Sergeant in 2005 and then Detective Lieutenant in 2016. In 2018 he retired in good standing, with the Roscommon Sheriff presenting him a retirement badge to recognize his service to the department and community.  In addition, in December of 2018 he received a Special Tribute Award from the State of Michigan for outstanding service to his community and his dedication to the citizens of Michigan. The award was presented by Representative Daire Rendon, and it was signed by State Senator Darwin Booher, Lt. Governor Brian Calley, and Governor Rick Snyder. 

John enjoys spending time with his family, and his hobbies include reading, photography, cooking, film noir, outdoor recreation such as biking and hiking, and he especially enjoys walking with his pet schnauzer (Walter). John has always advocated community policing as the most effective means to deter crime, and he looks forward to serving the citizens of Gerrish Township.

Some of his specializations and accomplishments include:

  • Management of felony case investigations such as homicides, robberies, home invasions, and sexual assaults.
  • Specialized training in crimes against children (abuse, sexual assaults, and child deaths).
  • Certification in Scientific Content Analysis (SCAN) of verbal or written statements for deception.
  • Certified for internal affairs investigations.
  • Trained in crime scene processing, including forensic examination of computers and other digital evidence.
  • Certified as an accident re-constructionist.
  • Trainer for robbery prevention, especially for financial institutions.
  • Co-founder of the Northern Michigan Children’s Assessment Center.

Email Officer Wybraniec or call me at 989-821-5207 ext. 292.