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Roscommon County ORV Ordinance

The number of ORV crashes and serious injuries/deaths have increased in our County recently. Law Enforcement will be making extra efforts to enforce this County ordinance and citations will be written if the rules and regulations of the ordinance are not followed.
For further information or to get a brochure showing the County ORV Trail Map, stop in at the Gerrish Police Department or click this link:

On May 13, 2009, Roscommon County adopted an ORV Ordinance for the purpose of authorizing and regulating the operation of Off Road Vehicles (ORVs) on roads and streets in Roscommon County. Any person violating this ordinance is guilty of a civil infraction and may be ordered to pay a civil fine of not more than $500.00. A court may also order a person who causes damage to any street, highway, or other property as a result of the operation of an ORV in an area permitted by this ordinance to pay full restitution for that damage above and beyond the penalties paid for civil fines.
• ORV must be operated on the far right of the maintained portion of a road or street
• ORV must not be operated on the road, shoulder, or any right-of-way of any State or Federal highway (M-18, M-55, US 127, I-75)
• Operate ORV at a speed of no more than 25 mph or a lower posted ORV speed limit
• Operate with the flow of traffic
• Must travel single file
• Must not operate if under 12 years old
• Operate 1/2 half hour before sunrise until 1/2 hour after sunset unless displaying a lighted headlight and taillight
• Must wear a crash helmet and protective eyewear unless vehicle is equipped with a roof that meets or exceeds standards for a crash helmet and properly adjusted safety belts are worn if equipped
• A child less than 16 years old shall not operate an ORV unless under the direct visual supervision of an adult and child must possess a Michigan issued ORV safety certificate