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Thank You Tom for Your Support…

On July 17th, Gerrish Township resident Tom Mills donated a hand-made wooden “Thin Blue Line” wall hanging to our Department. Sgt. Norm LaBonte accepted this beautiful piece of art on behalf of our Department.

The wooden flag is proudly displayed on our training/meeting room wall and is a reminder to all that enter that room of its meaning to our fellow law enforcement officers throughout our State, our Nation and the World.

The origin of the phrase “Thin Blue Line” dates back to an 1854 battle during the Crimean War in which a British infantry regiment in red uniforms stood their ground against a Russian cavalry charge. The British formation became known as the “Thin Red Line.”

The idea migrated to other professions using other colors for their “thin lines” of solidarity. In 1922, the usage of the “Thin Blue Line” for police usage caught on in New York and was used in speeches and related news coverage across the country.

In 2014, a college student from West Bloomfield, Michigan named Andrew Jacob, created the “Thin Blue Line” flag after attending a memorial service for a fallen police officer whose casket was draped with the American flag. Jacob is now the president of “Thin Blue Line USA” one of the largest on-line retailers devoted to the sale of pro-police items.

The “Thin Blue Line” flag remains a symbol of pride and respect for a dangerous profession and a tribute to fallen police officers and their families everywhere.

Thank you Tom for your generous gift and support of the law enforcement profession and our police department!