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Telephone UPDATE

We continue to have intermittent phone service for incoming calls. The option to select an extension number is not available and all incoming calls are being funneled to one phone. We are trying diligently to answer that one phone but if we are not in the office or the system completely goes down the phone will just continue to ring with no option to leave a message. As always, if you have an emergency dial 911.

As we continue to work through our phone connectivity issues, please feel free to email us as we monitor our emails very closely and will be glad to respond to you in that fashion. We are told that it will take up to 45 days to have our phone system updated and in working order.

Thank you for your understanding and patience in this matter, as we are very aware of the untimely circumstance of having phone problems along with the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • Chief Brian Hill chief.hill@gerrishpolice.org
  • Lt. Greg Patchin Lt.patchin@gerrishpolice.org
  • Sgt. Norm LaBonte Sgt.labonte@gerrishpolice.org
  • Off. Eric Muszynski emuszynski@gerrishpolice.org
  • Off. John Wybraniec jwybraniec@gerrishpolice.org
  • Off. Nathan Socia nsocia@gerrishpolice.org
  • Admin. Julie Hill jhill@gerrishpolice.org