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Safety Education at Roscommon High School

The Gerrish Township Police provided Safety education on Tuesday 4-17-07 at the Roscommon High School. In conjunction with S.A.D.D. for Prom week activities, the Department brought in two simulators for demonstration purposes. The “Seat belt convincer” is a simulator that demonstrates the dynamics of how the seatbelt engages and feels at a slow impact of 5 MPH to 7 MPH. The students experienced what it feel like to be involved in a slow speed crash wearing a Safety belt and having the air bag deploy.

The “Rollover Simulator” simulates a vehicle involved in a rollover. The simulator is used to demonstrate what an occupant of a vehicle goes through in a rollover accident. See photos below.


IMG_8448 IMG_8465


IMG_8463 Student braces for impact![/caption]
Officer Muszynski rolls crash dummy "Earl" out of the truck!

Officer Muszynski rolls crash dummy “Earl” out of the truck!