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Pipe Bomb Located

On 8-25-06 at 1402 hrs, Officers from the Gerrish Township Police Department were dispatched to a possible pipe bomb that was located by a subject who was walking his dog. The suspected pipe bomb was located in a gravel pit off of West Pine Drive in Gerrish Township, Roscommon County. Upon investigation, Officers found a 6″ long PVC pipe that was capped at both ends and same appeared to have a wick at one end. Officer’s contacted the Michigan State Police Bomb Squad and requested their assistance with handling and neutralizing the possible explosive. The Michigan State Police Bomb Squad arrived and determined that same was a Pipe bomb. The bomb squad was able to use their robot to detonate the explosive without incident. Pieces of the pipe bomb were transported to the Michigan State Police Crime lab in Grayling, Mi. for further analysis. The incident remains under investigation. Anyone with information is urged to call 989-821-5207.