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Phone System Change

You may have noticed that recently we changed our phone systems at the Police Department and Township wide. We are currently working through the change. For your emergent police needs you should always dial 911 immediately. They know where we are all the time and it is likely that you will get a Gerrish Township Police unit as a result of that call anyways. 911 is operated on the principle that they send the closest police unit available to your emergency to serve you best. If your need is non-emergent and you want the closest police unit available, you will need to dial 989-275-0911 and the closest police unit available will be assigned to your need and again most likely one of our units. To reach our officers for any of your other needs, the following is a complete list of Officers and extensions.

Chief Hill is extension 287

Sgt. Patchin is extension 286

Officer Herzberg is extension 293

Officer Kelley is extension 289

Officer Mckenna is extension 291

Officer Schutte is extension 292

Officer Muszynski is extension 288

Police Department Clerk Julie Hill is extension 285

We thank you for your patience as we work through the change.