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“Operation Ranger” sponsored by US Smokeless Tobacco Brand Inc.

Gerrish PD

The Gerrish Township Police Department showed off its new six-wheel drive Polaris off-road vehicle Tuesday. The department obtained the vehicle through a grant from the U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company. Pictured are (front row, left to right): UST Sales representative Shannon Olstrom, UST Division Manager Joe Syring, Gerrish Township Police Chief Brian Hill, Treasurer Rebecca Ragan, Clerk Norma Lee Boyle, Supervisor Greg Gaylor, ACT-NOW Treasurer and CERT member Bob Barber, ACT-NOW Chair and CERT member Mary Link, CERT member Stephanie Bohnsack and Paramedic and firefighter Kathy Pardo-Carlson; (second row): CERT member Ed Bohnsack, Officer Josh Burmester, Officer Eric Muszynski, Officer Pam McKenna, Officer Jonah Schutte, CERT member Don Granzine, Tom Gross of the fire department and EMS service and Fire Chief John Patchin and (in back): Assistant Fire Chief Jim Lippert, police Officer Erin Kelley and Sgt. Greg Patchin. Photo by Cheryl Holladay, Houghton Lake Resorter.

In the fall last year, Chief Hill applied for a National grant through the US Smokeless Tobacco Company for a 6×6 Polaris ORV for the purpose of assisting Police, Fire and EMS. The Company outright donates the ORV and donates approximately 70 units a year throughout the nation. To date, we are one of the two agencies in the Michigan that has been selected.

In the spring of 2007, I was notified that our Department had been successful and was scheduled to take delivery of the unit in the summer. In September 2007, we received the unit and we have since equipped the unit for use cooperatively with all Departments within the County.

On December 11, 2007 @ 2:00 p.m. our Community celebrated our good fortune with US Smokeless Tobacco Company representatives Division Manager Joe Syring and UST Sales representative Shannon Olstrom. At that time we learned that our Department was one of 70 chosen to receive the award from over 2000 applications throughout the United States.

Click the link below the US Smokeless Tobacco Operation Ranger site and if you click on the 2007 recipients and scroll to Michigan, you will find us.