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Officers Firearms Training – Night Shoot

Gerrish Police Department’s Certified Firearms Instructor Sgt. LaBonte organized and instructed Gerrish Officers during their bi-annual Firearms Range Training on Tuesday, October 23rd.

All officers must attend these trainings, one in the Spring and one in the Fall each year, and Tuesday’s training was in low-light and dark conditions.  All officers are proficient with all firearms carried or used by the department and maintain “Expert” or “Distinguished Expert” scores.

Officers practiced with different simulations including a Movement Drill with a stationary target that became a moving target, practicing verbal commands, creating gaps, finding cover and firing their Conducted Electrical Weapons (Tasers) at moving targets.  All Officers successfully completed the mandatory course of fire set by MCOLES (Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards) and successfully completed Taser Re-Certification.

These training are conducted in a secure environment at the Kirtland Community College Firing Range.