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Officers Awarded SAR Law Enforcement Awards on May 5, 2017

Officer Norm LaBonte of the Gerrish Township Police Department and Deputy Joe Quintana of the Roscommon County Sheriff Department were awarded the Sons of the American Revolution Law Enforcement Awards on Friday, May 5th by SAR Northern Michigan Chapter President Joseph Conger and SAR member Gerald Wall.  The presentation took place at the Roscommon County Sheriff’s Office and these awards represent the officers’ exemplary service, compassion and skill at a potential suicide at a freeway overpass during the summer of 2016.  The SAR Law Enforcement Award is awarded to recognize exceptional service or accomplishments.  According to Northern Michigan Chapter SAR President Joseph Conger, “Their actions were of bravery, personal courage, devotion to duty without regards to personal danger.”  They received certificates and medals with a ribbon that is buff, blue and white representing the colors of George Washington’s uniform.

Congratulations to both these fine law enforcement officers who are pictured with their awards in the photo with their administrators, Chief Brian Hill of the Gerrish Twp. Police Department, Sheriff Ed Stern of the Roscommon County Sheriff Department and the two presenters from the Northern Michigan Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution National Society.