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Muszynski & LaBonte Receive Commendation Awards

2016-05-10 19.11.37

Chief Hill presented Department Commendation Awards to Officer Eric Muszynski and Officer Norm LaBonte during the Gerrish Township Board meeting on May 10th.

On the evening of October 24, 2015, Officers Muszynski and LaBonte were dispatched to property on Murphy Road for a residential alarm indicating entry motion in both a small and large garage with no attempt to cancel.

Officers arrived to find a vehicle in the driveway covered in mud and dirt with the hood being warm to the touch.  Upon investigation, there should not have been anyone authorized by the owner to be on the premises and found that the service entry door to the small garage had been damaged and entry had been gained.  Officers cleared and secured both garages and the scene, finding no suspects.  They did see suspicious items inside the vehicle through the window and after describing these items to the owner who confirmed that they were his property, officers were able to conduct a vehicle impound and inventory.  After locating items inside the vehicle with names and addresses on them that did not match the vehicle owner, officers enlisted the assistance of MSP to go to the address in Crawford County to see if the subjects could be located.  Officers found two sets of foot prints exiting the vehicle and obtained foot wear impressions for further investigation.

After further investigation and interviewing of two suspects involved in this forced entry/burglary, one of the suspects confessed to the crime and stated that they were interrupted by the patrol car and ran away into the woods while attempting to take items out of the garage.  The other suspect refused to speak with officers without his attorney present.

This Police Commendation is being awarded for their accomplishments involving above average alertness or initiative for establishing a suspicious person or persons involved in criminal conduct and above average industry and initiative in a criminal investigation resulting in the issuance of two Felony Warrants for Home Invasion – 2nd Degree with note that all property was turned back over to the rightful owner and the prompt and thorough actions of the officers prevented the possibility of thousands of dollars of items to be stolen.

Congratulations to these officers for their dedicated service!