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Local Resident Receives Unexpected Christmas Gift

Pictured in photo from left to right:

Gerrish Police Officer Eric Muszynski, Matthew Letts, ACT NOW Secretary Julie Hill, Mike Umphrey from Dinges Fire Company.

ACT NOW/Gerrish Twp. Police – Dec. 22, 2017

In the spirit of community giving, ACT NOW (Advisory Community Team – Neighbors On Watch) and the Gerrish Twp. Police Department presented local resident Matthew Letts a new bicycle with lights and a helmet today.  Dinges Fire donated a safety vest to Matthew also.

The Gerrish Police Officers have had several contacts with Matthew as he has been riding his old bike on the traveled portion of the roadway after dark as this is his only form of transportation.  He travels from odd job to odd job and several people have reported him as he is very hard to see and presented a safety risk.

When the officers encounter him, their only enforcement option is to take his bike and give him a violation, which they do not feel is an option as Matthew is an enterprising young man but never seems to “get ahead.”

This new bicycle has proper lighting on the front and the rear and large off-road style tires so that he can ride in the winter on the shoulder of the roadway.  Chief Brian Hill stated, “I am concerned for his safety and the motoring public, if someone were to hit him they would live with that forever.  This is a great opportunity for us to do something proactive instead of reactive.”

The funds for this effort were donated by Gerrish Twp. ACT NOW (non-profit organization) and Dinges Fire Company of Roscommon.