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Hawk Rescue

Yesterday, during a motorist assist on the side of County Road 100 between West Pine and the power lines, Officers Fick and Scroggin found a hawk that was extremely confused and not flying on the side of the road. The citizens had stopped when they saw the hawk and attempted to contact A.R.K. (Association to Rescue Kritters) and other rescue entities but were unable to reach anyone.

With assistance from Central Dispatch, contact was made with Ruth at ARK and the Officers used a towel to get the hawk into a box. The Officers transported the hawk to ARK as they were short handed.

Once at the ARK center, it did not appear that the hawk had any broken bones but it did have a concussion, possibly from being hit by a car and it was extremely starved.

Officers left the hawk in the care of the ARK center where it will be nursed back to health. It should make a full recovery in a couple of weeks and then will be released back to where it was found.

Thank you Officer Fick and Officer Scroggin for your care and compassion!