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Have a Safe & Happy New Year!!

Please celebrate responsibly and welcome the New Year on a good note.

  • Plan a ride in advance (know your options for a safe way home if you plan to attend a party)
  • Plan for guests’ safety (if you are hosting a celebration be sure your guests have a safe way home)
  • Make a plan with your kids (set a reasonable curfew, if they are old enough to drive make sure they understand the dangers of driving on the holiday and encourage them to stay in one location instead of party hopping)
  • Make sure your car is locked if you have to leave it overnight somewhere and pick it up as soon as possible the next day (New Year’s Day is the most active holiday for auto thefts)
  • Make sure you handle fireworks safely and responsibly

For more New Year’s Eve safety tips visit State Farm at https://www.statefarm.com/simple-insights/family/new-years-eve-safety-tips