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Gerrish Twp. C.E.R.T. Coordinator






Sharon Zacny has been the Gerrish Township C.E.R.T. (Citizens Emergency Response Team) Coordinator since 2011 when she took over that position when the original C.E.R.T. Coordinator (Don Granzine) retired.

As the C.E.R.T. Coordinator, Sharon works closely with Chief Hill (Gerrish Township Police Department) to assure that all C.E.R.T. members are appropriately trained by offering 4 mandatory training sessions per year.  Sharon also coordinates all of the “call out” activities for C.E.R.T. which include parade details, event traffic control, search and rescues and assisting with down power lines and manning warming stations during inclement weather, just to name a few.

Currently the Gerrish Township C.E.R.T. team has 24 members and will be running Basic C.E.R.T. Training Classes starting November 22nd for new members including the newly formed T.E.R.T. (Teen Emergency Response Team) members.  There will be  five classes (total of 20 hours training and 2-hour final practical/hands on simulated disaster training).  Roscommon High School Senior Hailey Eanes has started the T.E.R.T. program which will include RHS juniors and seniors as her Senior Project.

Sharon volunteers a lot of time and energy in her role as C.E.R.T. Coordinator and has obtained a substantial amount of equipment and supplies for the team through the Region 7 Citizen Corps Council and also serves as the Co-Chair on the Region 7 Citizens Corps Council Board.  Sharon was recently nominated for a MEMA (Michigan Emergency Management Association) Award and her exemplary performance was also recognized locally when ACT NOW (Advisory Community Team – Neighbors on Watch) awarded her in July at their Annual Meeting & Picnic as the 2013-2014 Citizen of the Year.  Sharon lives in Roscommon with her husband and has two grown daughters and is a very proud grandmother.

For more information on the Gerrish Township C.E.R.T. program, visit the Gerrish Township Police Department web site at www.gerrishpolice.org and click on the CERT tab.  If you are interested in becoming a C.E.R.T. member, please contact Chief Brian Hill at chief.hill@gerrishtownship.org or Sharon Zacny at 989-275-8858 or email her at gerrishcert@gmail.com. You do not have to live in Gerrish Township to join the team!