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The following list of numbers will assist you with contacting local law enforcement in Gerrish Township. Each is summarized to give you an idea about which number to use to obtain certain services.

Emergencies-Dial 911

Call 911 in an emergency-If there has been a bad accident, if there is a serious crime in progress or if someone needs immediate emergency attention.

Non-Emergent Gerrish Township Police Department

Dial 989-821-5207

Use this number to contact the Department direct. Keep in mind that this is NOT an emergency response number! While this can be used for a non-emergency response from the G.T.P.D., it is also our general number for contacting our Officers directly. Additionally, there is a voice mail system for you to leave a message directly to the Officer of your choosing. However, your call may not be returned immediately if the Officer is away from their desk or out on the road. The call will be returned as soon as possible.  Department employees individual contact information is under the G.T.P.D. tab under the “Meet the Team” link.

Non-Emergent Central Dispatch

Dial 989-275-0911

Use this number to have the closest Police unit available respond to your location. If it is in Gerrish Township and our Patrol unit is available, the GTPD will be responding. However, in those instances where GTPD is not available and you feel that a Police response is needed, you can request dispatch to send the nearest Patrol unit.

Non-Emergent Gerrish Township Fire/EMS Department

Dial 989-821-9813

If you need to contact the Gerrish Fire/EMS Department and it is not an emergency, you can use this number.


Dial 989-821-9313

If you need to contact the Township for general questions to include but not limited to; Building Department needs, Zoning needs, Property Accessing, Tax Department. Please use this number.