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Don Granzine Honored at Regional Citizen Corp. Meeting

Gerrish Twp. Police Chief Brian Hill, Gerrish Twp. C.E.R.T. Coordinator Don Granzine and Sgt. Kevin of the MSP Homeland Security Division

Congratulations to Don Granzine who was honored at a Regional Citizen Corp. meeting on May 11th. Don who is the Gerrish Township C.E.R.T. Coordinator was nominated by Gerrish Twp. Police Chief Brian Hill for the 2009 Michigan Citizen Corps Individual of the Year. He received this award based on his C.E.R.T. involvement promoting preparedness through outstanding initiatives, leadership, commitment and creativity. Don displays a professional and courteous attitude and demonstrates the ability to overcome challenges in the community preparedness field. He coordinates a 35 member Community Emergency Response Team, schedules and organizes core training needs, search and rescue exercises, mock disaster scenario training and assists local police and fire/EMS agencies when needed for community events and emergencies. Don and his wife Elaine have been permanent residents of Gerrish Township since 2000 and he has truly made a difference in our community with his enthusiastic participation and collaborative spirit.