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County Plow Truck Safety

Did you know that Roscommon County Road Commission is responsible for 1043 miles of road and that when county trucks are working on the roads they are exempt from the Motor Vehicle Code?

With the recent snow accumulation, please be cautious when you see or approach a county snow plow. They often back up in the roads, plow intersections, drive on the shoulders and are usually going slower than the regular traffic flow.

Plow trucks are not capable of plowing at higher rates of speed, however it is important for them to go approximately 35-40 MPH in order to throw the snow back far enough so high snow banks do not form.

A loaded truck or plow truck cannot see smaller vehicles, so please try to stay clear of them as they do their jobs, they may not do what you expect!

Snow removal is done on a priority system. For a complete list of the Roscommon County snow routes you can go to their website under the Winter Protocol & Routes section: http://www.roscommoncrc.com/page21.html