“Community with Police…Caring and Sharing Together”
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Community with Police…Caring and Sharing Together”

Officer Kelley (left) and Officer Mckenna (right) show Community Service Awards

Officer Kelley (left) and Officer Mckenna (right) show Community Service Awards

On Monday night 1-8-07 Gerrish Township Board Meeting meeting, the Department recognized OFFICERS KELLEY and MCKENNA for their efforts in Community Service for 2006. ( See above)


OFFICER KELLEY was awarded a Michigan Association of Chiefs of Police Community Service Award certificate for her Outstanding Performance in Community Service to include her tireless efforts in support of ACT-NOW and its functions such as Shop with a Cop, benefit TV 9 & 10 Celebrity Softball game, organization of simulators for the ACT-NOW Picnic and annual meeting etc. Erin has served the Department for two years as the GAP representative liaison with ACT-NOW. Additionally, the ACT-NOW group awarded Erin an Outstanding Community Service Plaque which in the past has gone to the Officer that has gone above and beyond just serving as the liaison to the group. The award has not been bestowed on any Officer since 2002. Erin has given countless hours of her own time in support of the Department’s Community service mission. Erin has showed that she lives our vision statement. Erin was also awarded a blue and white ribbon bar to be worn on her uniform as a reminder to herself and all that she is committed to our vision and her own excellence to Community Service. Great job, Erin!!