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CERT Training Exercise 10-8-16

CERT members attended one of the annual required training exercises on 10-8-16 which was a “Fun Run Poker Run.”  Four teams set out with their back packs, maps and clues to find five different locations throughout the township.  Once they reached each location they were required to complete a training exercise.  The training covered Indoor Search & Rescue, Outdoor Search & Rescue, Triage, First Aid, Splinting and Communications (I/C).  The teams were awarded cards for successful completion at each site, or had cards taken away for not completing all outlined tasks.  The team with the best poker hand at the end won gift cards to Fred’s Restaurant and each team driver was supplied with a fuel card for gas.  The winning team of this event included CERT members John Klein, Rick Meeks and Jeff Morrell.  The entire group enjoyed a lunch provided by CERT at the debriefing afterwards.  Thank you to all of the CERT members that attended, the volunteer victims and proctors that made the event a success!!