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The Gerrish Township CERT Trailer is complete and was revealed at the 2017 Roscommon Business, Recreation & Services EXPO on May 17, 2017 at the CRAF Center in Roscommon.  Thank you to all the Gerrish CERT members who volunteered their time to complete the inside of the CERT Trailer.  Chief Hill is happy to announce that the project is complete and the Roscommon County Emergency Manager and the State Emergency Manager have both been notified that this valuable piece of equipment is mobile and ready for any CERT call-outs.  Thank you also to Gerrish CERT Coordinator Sharon Zacny, Gerrish Police Sgt. Greg Patchin and Officer Norm LaBonte who coordinated the project including the interior custom design work.  Thank you again to the project “partners” ACT NOW, Gerrish Twp. Police Department, Gerrish Twp. Fire/EMS Department and the Roscommon Rotary Club.  Gerrish Township Emergency Services takes great pride in the Gerrish CERT team and are very appreciative of the professional group of volunteers that make up the Gerrish CERT team and are extremely grateful to have this unique piece of equipment that will not only be utilized in our area but throughout Northern Michigan.