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CERT Separated from ACT-NOW

On September 17, 2007, the Gerrish Township CERT Group was officially separated from the ACT-NOW group as far as structure is concerned. Don Granzine was recently appointed as the Gerrish Township CERT Coordinator. Don will serve on the ACT-NOW Executive Board as an advisory resource as does the Chief of Police. Both positions on the ACT-NOW Board carry no voting privileges. In the future this page will be solely used as a source of information for the CERT MEMBERS to announce their activities and times for reporting to same. Below, I have provided the current information on CERT activities and a message from Gerrish Township CERT Coordinator.

Gerrish CERT Team
Thank you to those who assisted the Sheriff’s Dept., MSP and Gerrish Police with traffic control at the very well attended Firemen’s Memorial Parade. Also, thank you to those who volunteered to work the CERT display table at the Roscommon County Preparedness Day on 9/12 . Six people signed up for our next training class. The Fire Department also thanks all who have been assisting at the many ISO water supply training days held during the summer. CERT team members have been utilized in the community in many varied ways.

Our next CERT meeting as previously announced is Monday, September 24, 2007 @ 7:00pm at the Gerrish Township Hall meeting room. Our agenda includes: Status report on CERT grant monies successfully released from the 7th District to GERRISH TEAM; radio communication & use of new hi-band police radios for CERT Team; refresher on compass use; review contents of CERT bins/ stretchers etc.; orientation on CERT warning lights; review Search and Rescue (S&R) techniques; and review of your CERT backpacks. The review of the backpacks, in accordance with the new police Standard Operating Procedure for CERT which most have recently reviewed/signed, will require you to bring the backpacks fully packed to this meeting. We will have a limited number of batteries for distribution so test flashlights, radios, etc ahead of time. The review of the S&R techniques will be a discussion of those skills our team learned and utilized previously during both simulated and real searches. It is that time of the year when hunters and others take to the woods and may find themselves lost, thus requiring us to utilize S&R skills in actual situations.

As previously communicated, on Wednesday October 3, 2007, CERT will combine with Gerrish Police and Fire Departments in a simulation Search and Rescue event in the local area. Our initial staging area will be the Gerrish Police Department at 5:45pm. We will travel to the actual search area using a limited number of our vehicles. Equipment required includes: vest, helmet, headlamp (recommended), goggles, compass (if you have one), water if desired, and backpack/fanny pack with a minimum of first aid kit(compresses, ties,etc), flashlight, radio, gloves and any item you may feel is important. Please dress appropriately for field operations including: hiking boots/shoes, raingear as necessary, warm clothes, etc. We will be utilizing all CERT skills including: S&R, first aid , radio communication, ICS, etc. This simulation will not be as extensive as some of our previously field operations and should provide a good time for all.

Many have already advised Elaine or myself of your plans for Sept 24th and Oct. 3rd. Those who have not please do so ASAP.
We look forward to seeing all team members on Sept. 24 and Oct. 3rd.
Don and Elaine Granzine