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Announcement: Regarding Non Emergent Police Responses in Gerrish Township

It has come to our attention recently that citizens have attempted to call us and nobody was in the office and they then felt that they "did not want to bother us" and leave a message. It is important to note that we usually carry administrative hours at the office from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. each day during the week. During the evening and night time hours our Officers are on the road and the office is not staffed. Many evenings, it may be at the end of the shift before the Officers are able to get back to the office to check the answering machine.

Because we are not in the office does not mean that we are not available, especially when the situation you want to discuss with us may not be an emergency. The Roscommon County Central Dispatch maintains a non-emergent telephone number just for those situations. It is maintained by the same people who answer the 911 Emergent call on the dedicated 911 line.

The number to call for non emergent situations is 989-275-0911. Again, you can talk directly to the same professionals who answer all your emergent calls. If we are working, they have direct radio contact with our units and bring you into
contact with them.

We ask that you do not put your call off as we want you to call when you see or hear something that is not normal for your neighborhood and you feel that it is not an emergency. Too often we get calls the following morning and respond to find out there was a legitimate complaint for us to respond to, but now much time has passed and we are at a real disadvantage in trying to bring the issue to a successful conclusion. Please use the Central Dispatch non-emergent phone @ 989-275-0911 for those non- emergent situations where you want to reach your GAP Officers or Township Police Dept. and we are not in the office.