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64 Pounds of Drugs Turned In from Drug Drop Box

Lt. Patchin dropped off 64 pounds of unused and unwanted medications today to the Petoskey Tip of the Mitt Watershed Council.  These drugs were dropped off at the Gerrish Township Drug Drop Box since April 24th, our last collection processing date.  We, along with several other law enforcement agencies in our area collect unwanted, unused and expired medications as part of a safe collection effort to keep medications from landing in the wrong hands or from being flushed down toilets and drains.  The Council collects these medications semi-annually and the Petoskey Police Department transports the collection to a Grand Rapids EPA approved incineration facility for proper disposal.

Gerrish Township P.D., Denton Twp. P.D. and the Roscommon County Sheriff Department turned in 167 pounds of medications in total today from our community.  Thank you to all of those who utilize the drug drop boxes at these locations.

The Gerrish Twp. Police Department “DRUG DROP BOX” is located just to the left of the front entrance door at the Police Department building at 3075 E. Higgins Lake Drive and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you have a large quantity of medications to turn in, please ring the entrance bell and give them to someone inside the building so that the drop box doesn’t get clogged up.